Iveagh Vets update on Covid-19

Iveagh Vets update regarding Covid-19      April 2020

The following information is important to ensure that we protect our staff and reduce the risk to you. Ultimately ensuring that we can still provide an emergency service to care for your animals and continue dispensing medications.

  1. SMALL ANIMAL DISPENSING -To obtain small animal drugs or pet food please telephone the surgery 028 40662334 and place your order. Your order will then be dispensed and labelled and set outside at the rear of the building at Collection point B. For repeat prescription you can order through our website www.iveaghvets.com, please ensure you have sufficient medications and food.
  1. Small Animal emergencies. If the on call vet has arranged to meet you. Please park in the carpark and wait in your vehicle until the Vet contacts you.
  1. Small animal routine procedures such as vaccinations and neutering. These are suspended until further notice.   
  1. FARM ANIMAL DISPENSING -To obtain farm animal drugs please telephone the surgery 028 40662334 and place your order, or alternatively email your order to iveaghvets@yahoo.co.uk including your name and address . Your order will then be dispensed and labelled and set outside on a table at the farm animal door at Collection point A. Please allow time for the office staff to dispense. We advise you phone before you leave the farm and ensure you have sufficient drug stock. Only one person may visit the premises. Children/other family members must not accompany the person collecting medicines.
  1. ROUTINE FERTILITY VISITS– These are essential to maintain food production. These will carry on as normal until further notice.
  1. TB testing– There will be NO FURTHER TB TESTING UNTILL FURTHER NOTICE. This follows information form DAERA on the 30th March.
  1. Castration and Dehorning- Will NOT be carried out until further notice.
  1. Emergency service for small and large animals will continue. (see points 6 & 7 below)
  1. Before farm visits

(a) A Vet will speak to you on the phone to check that a visit is essential. If remote means of diagnosis are feasible they may be employed instead, for example, the use of video/photos sent digitally.

(b) Ask you to confirm that all farm staff are healthy and not experiencing any of the recognised signs of Covid-19

(c) Ask whether there are vulnerable people on the farm, those at higher risk of Covid-19

(d) Ask if anyone on farm has recently come into contact with a person with symptoms of Covid-19

If the answer to any of questions b, c or d is yes, we may ask that NO farm personnel be present for the visit. In this instance all communication will be done by telephone. The client must be available throughout the vet’s visit to discuss treatment on the phone.

You MUST inform the surgery Before the Vet attends. If you or any of your staff or family members are suspect or positive for Covid-19.

  1. During the farm visit the Vet will

(a).Insist that social distancing is adhered to – currently 2 metres, a cow’s length.

(b) May need to consider alternative ways of treating the animal if social distancing cannot be maintained – safeguarding human health must be the priority.

(c) Politely decline offers of hospitality or to enter the farmhouse. Such offers are always appreciated but in the current climate, must be declined

(d) Limit time on farm to absolute minimum.

  1. Surgery times may vary in the coming weeks depending on staff available, currently open Monday –Friday 8.30 am- 5.00pm and Saturday 8.30am-1.00pm

We trust that you will understand the changes made and that further disruption may occur but the most important issue is to ensure safety of your family and staff and the staff at Iveagh Vets.


Iveagh Vets Covid -19 Update. April 2020. Contact the surgery on 02840662334