Nurse clinics

Veterinary Nurse Clinics

Here at the Iveagh Vets we believe it’s important to check your pet’s health regularly – especially regarding dental care and weight management – in order to prevent issues before they arise. Our Veterinary Nurses clinics cover dental checks, diabetes management, dietary advice and weight management. As our commitment to care we provide these nurse clinics free of charge to animals that have had a health check with the Vet in the previous 12 months.

Nurse Clinic Services

Pet nail clipping

Pet dental checks

Nutrition advice

Weight checks

Senior checks

Pet insurance advice

Puppy Packs & Puppy Classes

A new puppy can be a lot of work which can be daunting to a first-time owner. At Iveagh Vets, we can help advise you on how to best care for your new puppy. From the first health check to vaccination, microchipping, parasite control, diet advice and puppy classes.

We will help and support you and your new friend. To register your pup and book a place on our puppy classes please contact the Practice.

Senior Health Checks

As your pets become older they have a greater risk of developing conditions such as dental disease and arthritis. These conditions are not always obvious to you as an owner, but can leave your pet feeling painful and unhappy.

Signs of arthritis include stiffness, lameness, slowing down on walks, reluctance to jump or play, becoming lethargic or sleeping more. Signs of dental disease can be smelly breath, bleeding gums, pain or discomfort when eating. If you have noticed any of these symptoms please contact the practice to book a Nurse Clinic appointment or a consultation with the Vet.

For emergencies please call our 24-hour service provided by our own vets: 028 4066 2334

At Iveagh Vets, we have been providing veterinary care in Banbridge and throughout County Down for over 60 years.


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